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Software Engineer - Polykey Ecosystem (Devtools, Cloud, IoT, Frontend, Backend, ML, CyberSecurity, Web3)

  • Software Development
  • Part-time
  • Sydney, AU
  • Hybrid


  • Focused on engineering, full-stack, distributed systems, cybersecurity, AI

  • Hybrid flexi-time

  • Casual role

  • Must have work authorisation in Australia with no restrictions

  • Must have perfect English speaking and writing skills

  • Must complete Application Instructions below and attach the screenshot with uploaded resume - otherwise application will not be accepted!

About Matrix AI

Matrix AI is an Australian technology company working towards an AI-based orchestration of cyberphysical systems. We are developing an ecosystem of technologies, with a spotlight on Polykey (, our open-source decentralized secrets management system ( Polykey is instrumental for secure, zero-trust authority delegation across cyber-physical infrastructures, playing a crucial role in the next decade's computing landscape.

Our team is based in Sydney Australia, United States and South East Asia.

About Polykey

See this demo video we recently created:

Polykey is a decentralized peer-to-peer secrets management system that offers a unique approach to the secure delegation of authority. It is designed to enable users and organizations to manage cybersecurity risks by facilitating zero trust workflows. The platform serves as a secure and private method to store, manage, and share secrets—such as keys, tokens, certificates, and passwords—across individuals, teams, and machine infrastructures.

The core principles of Polykey include the Zero Trust Delegation of Authority, which is crucial for organizations scaling their digital and physical operations. This framework views secrets as tokenized authorities rather than mere data strings, embedding sophisticated delegation abstractions and logic within the system. Polykey allows for the integration into CI environments or other workflows, which is essential for zero-trust sharing of secrets and tracking authority.

Polykey also emphasizes the importance of a 'Cloudless' decentralized approach, ensuring that secrets are not stored with any third party. Instead, they are kept in encrypted virtual filesystems known as Vaults, which are version-controlled with a real Git database. This design supports privacy and data sovereignty, as well as the ease of backup and synchronization across devices.

Another significant aspect of Polykey is the Discovery via Web of Social Trust, which involves claiming digital identities and discovering trusted nodes through well-known digital profiles, such as GitHub. This fosters a secure network of trusted identities for sharing and managing secrets.

Role Overview:

We are on the lookout for a Software Engineer with a focus on cybersecurity and AI. This role is not limited to specific functions. You are likely to work on every single part of computer science and software engineering from distributed systems, cybersecurity, blockchain, machine learning, programming language theory, devops (even hardware and electronics)… etc.

Based in Sydney, Australia, this position is a hybrid role. This role does involve flexible work time.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Develop and review software tailored for Polykey (and other related technologies) targeting developers, government and organisations who have cyberphysical infrastructure.

  • Create and maintain in-depth documentation (external and internal), translating complex technical details into clear, user-friendly language that can help customers and internal team members.

  • Develop engaging blog posts that interweave Polykey’s features with broader tech and social trends, including privacy, trust, cybersecurity, web3, and AI.

  • Get involved with meetups and events such as our company's in Sydney, and to cultivate meetups and events in the US

  • Foster the growth of the Polykey community, tracking participation metrics across digital platforms such as Discord and GitHub.


  • Degree (or certification) is not necessary, however a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or a related field or relevant experience will be helpful.

  • Preferred experience in cybersecurity, web3, SaaS, or cloud technology space.

  • Exceptional communication skills, capable of translating complex technical concepts into user-friendly language.

  • Must have legal authorization to work in Australia.

Application Instructions:

To apply to this role go to and download the CLI or Docker version of Polykey, run it in your terminal, and take a screenshot of the program's output and submit it below with your resume.

Do not download the Polykey-Desktop application. While we appreciate trying it out, it is not ready.

The procedure is an initial interview over Discord (make sure to create a Discord account) and a technical take-home assignment, and a subsequent longer interview involving the assignment.

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Remote restrictions

  • Must be a resident of Australia